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Advent calendar post - Day 2

If there's one thing I love about December, it's the chance to use my Christmas icons. I always feel a bit sad at the start of January when I have to retire them for another twelve months.

Of course, there's good news that should make the start of January so much better - series 3 of Sherlock is set to air in the UK commencing on January 1, followed by January 5 and 12. At last! Not sure when it will air here but I'm sure there'll be ways and means of seeing it almost immediately.

So that leads nicely into my happy pic for today - the December Sherlock wallpaper from Sherlockology. If you'd rather solve the anagram to get the wallpaper, then knock yourself out here. But if you'd rather just look at the pretty, then

 photo dec13_zps3b90c677.jpg
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