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Advent calendar post - Day 3

And the second day of my new job. So far my days have been taken up with induction sessions and training, plus a bit of time this afternoon sitting with another credit manager to get an overview of the systems, so it's still too early to say much about it. But I did learn one thing that made me very happy - most of the credit managers work from home one or two days per week, and there is a possibility that I could, too, once I've passed probation.

Just think how productive I'd be if I could be working instead of travelling an hour into the city and back. I wouldn't mind putting in overtime of an evening if I didn't then face the bus trip home. And if I wasn't feeling very well there would be nothing stopping me from electing to work from home on that particular day. This would be such a win/win for the company and for me.

Today's advent calendar door opens on the cutest youtube clip.

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