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Advent calendar post - Day 4

I caught up with my ex-workmate for lunch today; he's on the verge of resigning, he's just that frustrated with everything, so I told him that my new workplace is currently recruiting. However, he's looking at spending six months overseas next year so he doesn't feel right about actually changing jobs at the moment. Never mind, I'll win him over to the dark side sooner or later.

Nothing dark about today though. Beautiful sunshiny weather today. I spent the morning in training, in a room on the 41st floor.

 photo Trainingroomvi600x450_zps658ed9b3.jpg

I'd never get any work done at all if this was my office view. As it was, the trainer had to pull the blinds down because we were getting so distracted, especially when a cute window washer went sailing past.
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