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Advent calendar post - Day 8

Last night was fun - a meal with friends at a local bowling club followed by a rewatch of The Hobbit in 3D, getting ready for the release of the next movie later this month.

Martin Freeman has such a mobile face, and at the same time he's kind-of nondescript. I had seen him in movies and tv a lot but it wasn't until Sherlock that I could actually put a name to the face. Perhaps if I'd seen The Office when it was first released the name would have stuck; as it was, I was surprised to find out just how many movies I'd seen him in without ever recognising him again.

Only fitting then that today's advent piccies should be of the very versatile, talented Martin Freeman.

The Office photo martin-freemantheoffice250x139_zpsb39389a3.jpg
As Tim, in The Office (which I loved, once I did get around to watching it).

Black Books photo martinfreemanblackbooks250x171_zps7d499c66.jpg
A cameo role as the doctor in the first episode of Black Books.

Hitchhikers Guide photo martinfreemanhitchhikersguide250x208_zps26d5bfeb.jpg
As Arthur Dent in The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (see the china pattern on his teacup? Adams' English Scenic, which comes in a number of colours. Ray Doyle had a pink teapot in this pattern in his flat, in the Pros episode titled Involvement.) (yes, I love trivia, thanks for noticing).

Nativity photo martinfreemannativity250x188_zpscfece329.jpg
As the teacher in Nativity! which I should really dig out to watch again.

Sherlock photo martin-freeman-sherlock250x167_zps8d19f09f.jpg
John Watson, surely the most patient and tolerant of men, in Sherlock. His tolerance is about to be stretched to the limit, I think.

 photo martinfreeman-bilbo250x301_zpsaf912762.jpg
Arguably his most famous role, as Bilbo Baggins in .

The World's End photo martinfreemantheworldsend250x100_zps4f26157e.jpg
From The World's End which was a lot of fun!

And finally this, which I couldn't leave out -

 photo martin-freeman-hobbit500x667_zps60d3464c.jpg
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