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Advent calendar post - Day 9. When all else fails, post kittens!

Yeah, that works for me *g*

They're not just baby cats. They're each one an individual, unique little soul. And not only are they amazing but they're pretty cute too.

I haven't bred since 2007 and boy do I miss kittens. Just look at these little guys:

A litter of Abyssinian kittens, courtesy of my friend.
Sue abys photo Suephotos015600x450_zpsb421206a.jpg

Same friend, different kittens - she also bred Siamese:
 photo Suephotos008600x450_zpsa4f42b70.jpg
Just look at the ear set on those babies! Fantastic.

And now for something completely different - the last four kittens that I bred:
My last litters photo sniff3400x300_zps37cf6cff.jpg
I still have the little tortie girl in the middle, aptly named Saavik Swan Song as she was the very last of them all.
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