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Advent calendar post - Day 12. Who said I was grown-up?

I accept that the "fake" signer at Nelson Mandela's memorial was wildly inappropriate, but the whole idea of random weirdness at a funeral really makes me laugh and I'd like to think that Mandela had a sense of humour too.

So I've been thinking about how I'd like my funeral to go. I don't want fake sign, though; I'd prefer a mime to accompany the eulogy. Or interpretive dance. The music should be much more celebratory too. Why have Pachelbel's Canon in D when you could have Michael Jackson singing Don't Stop Till You Get Enough?

During my father's funeral, at one point the minister announced he was going to play a sung version of The Lord's Prayer; instead what echoed through the hall was Simon and Garfunkel singing "Hello darkness my old friend". Dad always had trouble with technology and this made us feel like he was letting us know that he was still with us. I'd prefer

Admit it - wouldn't you love to rickroll your own funeral?
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