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Advent calendar post - Day 13. Just slipping in under the wire.

Nearly missed the deadline! The reason being I was off enjoying myself tonight, having dinner with friends. We're all bankies - or ex-bankies in a couple of cases *g* and at some point we all worked together.We try to meet up around once a month, usually on a Friday night, and spend a few hours reconnecting with each other, talking about our lives, our hopes and dreams and frustrations. I'd be lost without my good friends.

 photo christmasdinnerbankfriends2013_zps41cd7052.jpg

I came almost straight from work so am still in my work polo - I called into home briefly but it was a choice between a shower and change of clothes, or feeding the cats before I dived back out the door. Needless to say the cats won out!
Goodnight all.
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