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Advent calendar post - Day 22. Have yourself an early little Christmas

Christmas came early this year as my boy gets on a plane tomorrow to head south for the season. It's the downside of divorce; not only do you have to share with the other set of parents but also with your ex. And as the other set lives in New Zealand, and the ex is interstate, we have to take turns to have the kids home for Christmas.

But we manage. Usually I would fly down to Sydney to celebrate with my sister and her family but this year I agreed to babysit Jason's dog, as well as make daily trips to his place to feed his cat and bearded dragon. And from January onwards my sister will be living up here (she bought the house three doors down!) and we can have all Christmases together from now on. So yay for family, and celebrations (early or otherwise).

This is Pombo in her Christmas hat, which lasted about 10 seconds once she was put back on the floor.

Pombo the Christmas dog 1 (450 x 600)

Jess made us a delicious lunch; entree was prawns coated in a coconut-based crumb, baked until golden and served on shredded salad veggies, with a lime-flavoured mayonnaise as dressing. Yummy!

Christmas lunch 2013 1 (450 x 600)

The main course was a clove-studded baked ham served with salad. It was perfect! And filling - no-one felt like dessert afterwards. In fact I won't want dinner tonight, but I'm anticipating settling down on the sofa with a bowl of prawns while watching "Escape To The Country" a bit later tonight. (yes, they sent me home with the left-over prawns as they won't be home to eat them! Score.)
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