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Advent calendar post - Day 23. All I want for Christmas....

Second last day! I can't believe how quickly this month has gone by.

Was there ever anything you really, really wanted for Christmas? Possible things, not the wishful-thinking kind of presents but things that were do-able, if only. And did you get them?

Growing up, as a pre-teen there were two things I desperately wanted. Well, three if you counted a horse but I knew that was never going to happen. There were two things that were within the realms of possibility and I wished on every first star I saw of an evening that I'd get them.

One of them, a pushbike, I never did get. My parents thought it was far too dangerous for us to have pushbikes. They gave us scooters instead, then sent us out to play on the (quiet) road. It was only as I got much older that I realised the absurdity of that.

The other - well, the other I did get, for the Christmas after my 12th birthday, and just before I went off to boarding school. Nowadays you wouldn't think twice about giving this to a much younger child, but then it was seen as a coming-of-age kind of present - and they were pretty expensive, too, not like today.

first watch

I wish I had a photo of mine. It had a narrow black band and a small white face with a silver surround, and black numerals and hands. I felt so grown-up! Truly marvellous. And when I saw this ad it brought that magical feeling back to me; this ad truly captures how I felt to receive such a wonderful, treasured gift.
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