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I mentioned earlier that I was babysitting my son's pets while he was away over Christmas. Pombo the pup has come to stay at my place but Pickle the cat and Blizzard the lizard have remained at home, so I'm making daily trips over to care for them.
Pickle is no problem at all. He meets me at the door so I can scoop him up for a cuddle, then waits patiently while I fix up his food. Blizzard is also no trouble, although I'm a bit wary around him as he can put on quite a display if upset.

Blizzard 1 (450 x 600)

Pombo has been fun. We've gone for long walks, and played games in the backyard. Earlier today she was cooling off by running backwards and forwards through the hose water while I washed down the path - she loved getting wet! Didn't take long for her to dry off in the 34 degree heat. Once dry, back upstairs where Ziggy doesn't *quite* know what to make of her.

zig and pombo (600 x 450)

Back to work tomorrow, after a very pleasant, laid-back two days off.
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