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Early mark - and marking the occasion.

Into work this morning; the city was like a ghost town and I'd not have been surprised to see tumbleweeds rolling down Queen St. Most of the little coffee places and eateries were shut, and there was hardly any traffic other than the usual buses in the city centre. Not surprisingly there was hardly any work to be done; no-one thinks about refinancing their home loans over the Christmas holidays, and the real estate agents were all shut, so by mid-morning I'd run out of loans to assess. As a result, we were given a half-day holiday, and allowed to knock off at midday! I could hear the post-Christmas sales calling my name, and off I went. Bliss!

And do you know, today is the 10th anniversary of my journal. Where has the time gone? When I set this up I was still living in Coffs Harbour, and hoping to sell my house. Time has certainly flown since then. And even way back then I was skiving off instead of doing something useful, and making excuses for myself! Firsttimes.
Come a long way since then. Hugs to all of my LJ family who've been there for the journey, all or part. You all mean more to me than I can say.
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