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Cats, vets, and madness.

Bitch of a day today. Firstly I woke up with a sinus headache - how fair is that on a weekend? - and then spent most of the day looking for Hippie Chick. She is currently downstairs with the other seal girls, and she met me at the door when I went down to feed her this morning but after that she vanished. I looked EVERYWHERE for her, with no luck. Even when I brought a large Ikea carry bag downstairs she didn't come to investigate; Fatty Girl and Dot both jumped in it straight away, but no Chicken. She's usually really friendly and outgoing so I was really getting worried that I'd accidentally let her outside, perhaps when I took a load of washing out to hang, or when I let Jay's dog out into the backyard.
By 1pm I was ringing the local vets on the off-chance that someone had brought in an injured or lost Birman. By 2pm I was walking the street calling her, and then when I left to go grocery shopping I circled the block slowly first. No sign of her then, or when I got back. I had to go over to feed Jay's cat at 4pm and when I got back, and checked downstairs one more time, there she was - blinking slowly and yawning and wondering what all the fuss was about. I have NO idea where she hid herself away all day.

And now tonight I'm waiting to hear from the vet as to Ziggy's condition. He was straining to use his litter tray, quite unsuccessfully, and then vomiting and crying. He eats so many odd things - he's chewed a fist-sized hole in my bedspread, and eats any of my clothing he can get to - that it worried me he might be blocked by something he's eaten. He's on fluids, and if that doesn't work they'll sedate him then try an enema. My poor little man! I hope he'll be all right for me to bring home tomorrow.
I'm just so glad that I was able to get him to the vet's. Normally on a Saturday night I'd have a few drinks, but tonight I just didn't feel like it, so when I realised at 8pm that there was a problem, I was okay to drive.

Meanwhile Bodie is enjoying being only-cat-upstairs and is running around like a mad thing. He's normally the most sedate of cats so I don't know quite what's got into him, but what ever it is, it's fun. Taking my mind off Ziggy, at least.
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