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Diving in quickly to say...

If I were in the UK I'd be settling down in front of the telly right now - new episode of Sherlock airs in around 15 minutes. However I am not in the UK; it's 6.48am, I'm about to get ready for work, and I have a whole day to get through before I can hope to see this.

I'm leaving the pc turned on today, with Peerblock running, so as soon as I get home I can start getting my Sherlock fix. I'll have to stay away from my usual haunts while waiting for the d/l to finish - will probably just reply to
earlier comments here and that will be it.

And just in case my pc goes on the fritz today, my laptop is set up with both Peerblock and U-Torrent. And if my modem should die during the day, well my mobile broadband stick is fully charged.

One way or another, by about 8.30pm tonight I shall be sitting down to watch The Empty Hearse.

Thirteen hours, fortytwo minutes to go....
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