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The second coming of Sherlock Holmes

The Empty Hearse - and what I loved about it.

Sherlock is still a dick. Totally. He really has no clue - although we see that he's learned one major thing at least from his two years away, and that is that he needs friends. And he's hoping Mycroft will realise this too. He's also worked out that he's different and that's okay. I hope they develop this further.

I was quite prepared to dislike Mary, but she's actually pretty awesome. That scene where she is sitting on the bed reading John's blog, and the whole discussion about the mustache - fantastic. And I like that she likes Sherlock! But how did she know what a skip code is? I mean, I'd be getting that text and thinking wtf? But Mary is all oh, it's a code, this is what it means.... I'd love to explore her backstory.

Sherlock was obviously nervous about reintroducing himself into John's life - with Lestrade he was a lot more relaxed. Which shows that he rates John's opinion of him much more highly than anyone else's. And I loved Mrs Hudson's reaction to his return! And her violent tea-making; who knew it could contain so much hostility?

And is it vanity, or is it an attempt to divert Mycroft, when he asks how his shirt looks? I laughed at that.
Loved meeting his parents too, and how utterly commonplace they seemed. Not at all what I'd expected Sherlock's parents to be. And both he and Mycroft thinking he was an idiot until they met other children - well I expected that Mycroft was smarter than Sherlock but that really set me thinking about Mycroft's abilities. Poor Mycroft, marooned in a world full of goldfish.

But you know what I loved best? When Molly turns up at the flat with her boyfriend in tow. Yes, he's of a similar type to Sherlock. Yes, Sherlock takes a moment to look him up and down. And he's in a hurry to meet the press. But the big thing is - Sherlock doesn't deduce him. This is what Sherlock does, he deduces people instantly, and usually blurts out his findings. But with Molly's boyfriend he's silent. I can't help but think he's learned a big lesson after the Christmas party in ASiB, where his deductions about Molly resulted in her total humiliation. Somewhere along the line, he's learned both self-control and a sense of what's appropriate, or at the very least he's learned not to blurt out things that could be hurtful.

So we waited two years for that. Was it worth the wait? Man, the seven minute mini-sode was worth the wait. The full ep was fantastic. Two more eps to go, and then what? Another two-year hiatus? And Dr Who fans are bellyaching about an eight month wait!
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