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Expensive start to the year

Nearly three years ago, the rear drivers' side window assemby in my car collapsed, dropping the window down into the door and leaving me unable to raise it. When I booked it in to be fixed (under warranty, fortunately) the service guy asked if I had a Mitsubishi 380 - he didn't say as much, but the inference was that it was a common problem in that model. When I collected my car after the repairs I asked when I could expect the passenger side window assembly to collapse; service guy just smiled and said he hoped it happened before May 2013 when my warranty expired.

Well of course it didn't - it waited until today to die. Damn! On the bright side, my sister's big day finally arrived and she now lives three doors up from me, and is happy to take the car over to the repairers so I don't have to lose any time off work.

Speaking of work, my sister has a job interview next week for something that would suit her down to the ground. She doesn't want to work full time, and this is 25 hours per week, working for a small family-owned business, basically just what she was doing in Sydney. She's already had three phone interviews and the face-to-face is the final step. My fingers crossed for her!

My niece and her fiance also moved up here this week. Chris (the fiance) was offered two jobs yesterday and had to choose. He chose the one that will pay him $6000 more than what he was earning in Sydney, and for only five days' work. In Sydney he had to do a Saturday morning as well. And my niece has had a few interviews, one of which looks promising. I'm just that pleased for all of them!

Ah well, better get off to bed. Have to get up a bit earlier than usual tomorrow so that I can walk to the bus stop. Can't take my car until I get the window fixed, so I hope they can get the parts in quite quickly. Mind you, I need the exercise so perhaps it's a good thing!
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