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Warning - whiny entitled fanbrat ahead

I couldn't sleep last night, thinking about His Final Vow, still thinking about it this morning. I even left the car at home and walked the 1.5km to the bus stop, just so I'd have more time to think about what I saw. And then spent the trip into the city making notes.

So angry with John last night; so so angry. I've had a chance to calm down now and I see things a little differently to my initial reaction last night.

Firstly the theme of the episode was secrets, and just how far you'd go to keep them. Magnussen, the poisonous little toad, understood that knowledge is power, and used other people's secrets to grab that power.

Mary's secrets - god what secrets she kept. And look how far she went in order to keep them secret.

Sherlock, keeping a secret from the police as to who his assailant was (wonder what he DID tell them?) And then the lengths he went to, to prevent Mary's secrets from being exposed, and to keep his vow.

Sherlock and Janine, each of them keeping secrets from the other as to why they were together in the first place.

John, complicit in the keeping of Mary's secrets.

Mycroft, perhaps the most secretive (and ambiguous!) of them all, revealing the secret of his love for his brother.

And Lady Wotserface, whose husband's secrets started this whole sorry chain of events.

We've known from S1 that John is a messed-up individual - still suffering the effects of the war - killing the cabbie when he'd only just met Sherlock. We also know that he's more tolerant than most; look at the shit he's forgiven Sherlock for - the Baskerville lab, the train bomb to name a couple. It's no wonder he still goes to therapy; neither of those events would have improved his mental health. Now would being strapped to a bomb, or watching Sherlock swan dive off a building.

So it shouldn't be surprising that he would forgive Mary for putting a bullet in his best friend; truth be told, there are probably occasions where he's wanted to do the selfsame thing. And Sherlock has forgiven her, so who is John to hold a grudge? Although he obviously did for a number of months, before coming to realise exactly what he was getting with Mary, and what he'd lose if he gave her up - a family, a sense of stability, but with a frisson of danger. In short, Sherlock in female form (and we all know he's not gay. Right? Right?)

Mary, though - well, I'm disappointed. I wanted to like her, and for the first two episodes I did. Smart, funny, brave (although I was wondering, after TEH, how she knew what a skip code is, as you'll see from my post then), just right for John. And bonus points for her liking Sherlock, that was just perfect.

So WTF happened? Short answer - she shot Sherlock, nearly killing him. In fact he flatlined so in a way she did exactly that.
She could have incapacitated him by shooting him in the arm or leg, but that would have left him conscious and she couldn't guarantee that he wouldnt' tell John about her, before she had a chance to ask him not to. She didn't have to shoot him at all; she could have just ASKED him not to tell. He could have refused - but she ran the same risk if he were to recover. So I don't believe she intended Sherlock to survive, regardless of whether she called the ambulance or not. Mary shot him to protect her secrets.

And I have SO many problems with the last part of the episode, from the drugging on. Did Sherlock seriously think that Magnussen would just calmly hand over the documents he wanted? And trotting out the Mind Palace again - really? Couldn't they think of anything better? And how did Mycroft have time to wake up, realise his laptop was gone (and really Mycroft, what were you doing carting state secrets around with you? Aren't there vaults for that kind of thing?) assemble a SWAT team and a helicopter and go after Sherlock, before Sherlock had time to see his (pathetic) plan through?

And Sherlock, I can't believe you'd shoot the man in full view of so many witnesses. You're more subtle than that.

If Mycroft was so concerned about his brother's welfare, why send him on a suicide mission? Yes, he would be in danger in prison if left as part of the general population, but surely there are isolation rooms for prisoners in danger of harm? Although I think Sherlock himself would choose the suicide mission rather than be left to rot.

As for Moriarty? No way. You're dead. We've had enough resurrections on this show already, with Irene firstly and then Sherlock. You can stay dead, Jimmy-boy. Was this just a stunt by Mycroft to get his brother back with a chance at a Royal pardon?

I've seen your headstone, Sherlock. It said "Sherlock Holmes". It did NOT say "William Sherlock Scott Holmes". Sorry but I don't buy that.

All of the other bits and pieces that made up this glorious mess. Who is the "other one" that Mycroft refers to, when he says he's not given to displays of brotherly affection? And what was he doing bringing Anderson to search Sherlock's flat?

Sherlock using Janine to get him into Magnussen's office was just SO Sherlock. I loved the way the shooting scene actually played out, with Molly and Moriarty in his head, telling him what he needed to hear. That was brilliantly done.
Sherlock in a hospital gown, complete with morphine drip, meeting Magnussen in a cafe. Hmmm.... morphine makes you hallucinate. Draw your own conclusions.

Sherlock, manhandling Mycroft while high. Sherlock being high at all, I secretly enjoyed that. And identifying himself to John in that squat, then complaining when John made him leave. What did he seriously think John would do? Obviously his mind was dulled by the drugs.
(Mike! Loved it).
JOHN. MARY. Silence for months. How messed-up is that. Seriously.
WHO DRUGS THEIR FAMILY AT CHRISTMAS? That's actually even more messed-up. Ah boys, you're so perfect for each other if you'd only stop and realise. BUT JOHN WATSON I AM STILL ANGRY AT YOU, YOU CO-DEPENDENT LITTLE BAMF. (Chafing? No he always walks like that *g* *g* *g*)

I love his parents so, so much, humming and all. I love that his mum's a genius, and his dad just goes along with her.
And what happened to Tom, I'd like to know? And the dogs, and the lots of sex? Did Molly throw him over because of the Meat Dagger? *g*
Seriously, there were a lot of things I LIKED about this episode, I just couldn't buy the whole story.

In conclusion, the whole episode was Sherlock's drug-fueled hallucination.
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