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Bloody strange / sad world we live in.

Australian government has admitted that some of its assets may have inadvertently entered Indonesian waters while turning back people-smuggling boats. In other words, our Navy patrol boats really need a refit, quite badly, if they can't locate their positions exactly. And Scott Morrison needs to realise that we know what he's talking about when he mentions "Australian assets". Seriously, what a dick.

And the execution in Ohio, using previously untested drugs, which left the victim gasping for nearly 10 minutes. I cried when I read this. I'm not commenting on the rights or wrongs of execution but for christ's sake if you're going to do it AT ALL, how about doing it humanely?

Also distressed about the young Vietnamese man who was badly injured in a Neo-Nazi attack in Melbourne, in 2012, who has now been deported for overstaying his visa. He still needs medical attention, and his attackers are yet to complete their trial. In the words of one of his supporters, we are responsible for his injuries, we should be fixing him.
Sometimes I really, really despair for the human race.
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