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20 January 2014 @ 08:33 pm
Taking the little wins as they come.  
I had my car window repaired last week, and they didn't charge me a cent - they reckoned the car was still under warranty. I pointed out that it is a November 2007 build, first registered in May 2008, and by my reckoning the warranty expired last year, but according to their records I bought it as an ex-demonstrator, and the warranty period didn't start running until the day I bought it. I won't argue with that... although I thought it was an ex-hire car when I bought it. Whatever - free window fix!

As mentioned earlier I had to walk to the bus stop until I got it fixed. It's only 1.5kms but it's so easy to get in the car and drive down that I've never really worried about walking it - but now I'm hooked, I enjoy the walk so much that I've kept it up. And I know it's doing some good, even if it's only a little; last Friday was the first day that I arrived back home without feeling tired in the slightest. For someone who does no other exercise at all, that's a bit of a win too.

Friday was my son's girlfriend's birthday and we all went out to lunch on Saturday to celebrate at a restaurant of her choice. They've adopted a paleo diet recently and the restaurant they chose reflected that (aptly-named "The Paleo Cafe"). My lunch was delicious! I chose coconut and lemongrass poached chicken with cauliflower rice and a side dish of kumera chips and lemon aioli. Yum.
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byslantedlight: toosexycapri (Probodie)byslantedlight on January 25th, 2014 05:19 am (UTC)
Ah, okay - yeah, manufacturer's warranties just last a specific period since the car was first sold. I think there are usually year-long warranties from dealers over here, no matter where the manufacturer's warranty is up to - I think I had it in my head that's what you were talking about.

When I was working from home at first in Cambs. my original plan was to get up at work-time, go out for a walk as if I was walking to work, and then come back and get on with it - only that didn't seem to last past the first morning! I'm not energetic enough to bike all the way into town either - 7-10 miles, depending on route, but most of the routes involve some very fast roads with no bike path too. That'd pretty much be a day's expedition for me! *g* I'm hoping I'll be able to work it out so that exercise needn't be going to a gym, though, when I get back from Aus...
miwahnimiwahni on January 25th, 2014 08:14 am (UTC)
Hmm yeah I can't just go for a walk for the sake of it, I have to have a destination and a purpose in mind. I see your dilemma.