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Summer? Where?

My office is so damn cold. It's 36 degrees C outside (that's nearly 100 F, for those who are metrically-challenged) yet I'm sitting here with a heater going, wishing I'd remembered to bring a jacket. Downright ridiculous. We had the air-conditioning looked at by the maintenance people a few months ago, but apparently rectifying the problem involves ripping out the aircon to half the shopping centre. So I sit, and shiver.
It's only this office, though. Soon I'm moving into the adjoining room which has been vacant for months. It's nowhere near as cold! I'd move now, except that we're waiting for the maintenance people to come and fix a large file drawer which has half tipped over, and is in danger of toppling the rest of the way. It isn't usable in it's current state, and looks totally unprofessional. I've been warned not to attempt repairs myself, as it could result in a demarcation dispute. So once again I sit, and shiver.

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