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California Design

Headed into the city yesterday to see an exhibition at the Queensland Art Gallery, called "California Design 1930 - 1965: Living in a Modern Way". It was such an interesting exhibition, with both static displays and short documentary films. My favourite of the films was from Disneyland, which used to be can't-miss Sunday night TV; this particular one featured Walt introducing an episode of Tomorrowland which focused on the atom and the marvellous possibilities of atomic energy.
The displays themselves were fantastic. I loved this desk:

 photo CDdesk450x600_zps6e5ddd5a.jpg

And this sun lounge:

 photo cdlounge450x600_zpsa011b282.jpg

There was even an Oscar there, which belonged to Cedric Gibbons:

 photo cdoscar1450x600_zpsa33ee8a0.jpg

And of course there were a couple of examples of Eames design:

 photo cdeames450x600_zpsabfe75cd.jpg

I loved this caravan, although I reckon it would be a bit too warm for comfort:

 photo cdvan2600x450_zps7da02526.jpg

We stopped for lunch at the gallery cafe where we were joined by this handsome gentleman:

 photo cdlizard2600x450_zps6ef97769.jpg

Just look at the colours on his throat and chest:

 photo cdlizard3450x600_zpse268c14a.jpg

While there, we bought tickets for another exhibition there - it's called Falling Back to Earth, by Cai Guo-Qiang. I'm quite excited about going back to see that. Take a peek here.
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