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Last Sunday, just a bit late

Photos went up onto the cat council facebook page tonight, for the cat show held last Sunday. I was invited to judge the companions and had a lovely time. My best cat, it transpired, had been rescued from the pound twelve months earlier. He had a microchip, but when his original owners were contacted they didn't want him back as they weren't prepared to pay the release fee plus council registration. So his current owner adopted him, took him home, named him Horatio and subsequently discovered his original name is Steve. Yep, Steve the cat. And he's a beautiful, friendly, solid tank of a lad. You can just see him in the picture below, in cage 77.

 photo qicccatshowFeb14600x450_zps437582c2.jpg
Shown here with the eventual third-place-getter. Coffee on the table - it was early, okay?
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