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Propping my eyelids up with matchsticks tonight.

Won't be long before I hit the hay after a couple of big days. Yesterday was an all-day shopping marathon with my sister, niece and almost-daughter-in-law; we left home at 10am and it was nearly 7pm when I turned into my driveway. Almost-d-i-l came back to my place and we were shortly joined by son, pizza was ordered and then we settled back to watch Sherlock eps 2 and 3, which they hadn't seen previously.

After that we got talking, and it was well past 3am by the time they headed home. I sat up until they texted to say they'd arrived home safely and then headed off to bed.

Today was a pretty laid-back day; pottered about the place before heading to the supermarket. Late afternoon my sister invited me to join her on her dog-walking expedition, and I took control of her littlest dog while she had her blind dog in hand. He's amazing, you'd never realise he was blind just by looking at him; he trots along in front of her like any full-sighted dog, just happy to be out and about.

After all the walking, though, both yesterday and today, I can barely stand upright tonight. Feet are sore, thighs are sore, calves are tight... bed will be welcome.
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