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Life goes on

I was surprised to find it's been an entire week since I've posted here. Nothing much has happened in that time; with my new job there's none of the euphoric highs, but also none of the depressing lows of my old one. So the days just chug by, every day much the same as the last, and suddenly it's Friday again with another weekend looming.

There is some good news to report, though. My bestie at my old job has just resigned, and he's coming over to work with me from the beginning of April onwards. Excited much? Why yes, yes I am. :-) He's always good value to have around.

The days lately have been sultry, with rain threatening every day but very little falling. I've only walked to the bus stop on one day this week, having decided that if the temperature is any higher than 22C at 5.30am I'm not walking. This morning it was already 25C at that time so walking was out of the question. I miss it, though, my morning and afternoon walk. Hope things cool down a bit soon.

What else? Nothing, really. Planning a girl's night out with my sister tomorrow night but we haven't yet decided where we're going. No doubt something will appeal to us, even if it's only dinner out.

Otheriwise, yeah, like the title says. Life goes on....
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