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Getting all D&M but not the whips-&-leather kind.

I went to the local council-run art gallery yesterday to see an exhibition of art by Muslim women who have migrated to Australia. Their life experiences have been very different to mine and the exhibition was in places confronting and challenging, but also thought-provoking. There were some pieces I just didn't understand but I came away from it seeing my life from a fresh perspective, and with a renewed feeling of comradeship with these women so if that's the purpose of art, then it achieved its aim.

The gallery itself is a cheery building, painted in bright primaries which really stood out against the overcast sky yesterday. At the entrance we were greeted by an intriguing sculpture of a steampunk boab tree adorned with kookaburras - it represents the vibrancy and growth in our local economy created by the diversity of our population. Again, that was lost on me; obviously far too deep for my little brain. But all the same I liked it!

Logan City Art Gallery photo artwork450x600_zps68445431.jpg

My brother in law had gone night fishing with a mate so my sister and I went to a local Thai restaurant for dinner, then came home and watched some Dr Who followed by The Avengers, which she had never seen. All in all a pretty good day.
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