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And this is why we can't have nice things.

Ziggy Stardust had a trip to the vet tonight, or more accurately, to the pet behavioural therapist. As a result he'll be on prozac for at least the next six months, but hopefully over time the dose can be cut back and he may one day come off it completely.

Ziggy has been a problem child almost right from the start; way back in August 2012 he started pulling his coat out by the mouthful and ended up on tablets for a month, which chilled him out but didn't help the coat-pulling. We ruled out dermatological problems, and food allergies, but couldn't get a handle on the coat-pulling at all. As he's grown, his problems have increased. He chews fabric - there's a fist-sized hole in my summer bedspread (the bit that tucks under the pillows, fortunately) and most of my pillow cases are missing a corner; the cushions on my lounge have holes, and any clothes that I leave within reach end up with frilled hems.

And then he started in on the really inappropriate stuff, leading to two trips to the vet so far this year to have foreign objects removed from his intestines. Nothing like getting up in the morning and finding a puddle of cat vomit full of bright blue rubber, when he's found the ONE rubber mat that I overlooked putting away.

He also gets carried away with himself, displaying what the vet called Chaos Behaviour, when the animal gets so overstimulated that they're incapable of calming themselves down. These bouts usually start off with him wanting a snuggle, and end with him attacking me unless I can distract him in time.(you should see the scars and bruises on my arms - I look like a domestic violence victim). And he's no gentler with Bodie; what usually starts off as a mutual grooming session always ends with Bodie running away squealing while Zig tries to stick the fangs in.

So. Here's hoping this works. Vet bills so far this year have already put a dent in my mortgage-reduction plans, but more importantly he's endangering his life by eating random things that he shouldn't. And it's not like I can put everything out of his reach; the obviously dangerous things are put away (and the maybe-dangerous things) but what can you do with a cat who is chewing a hole in the hem of your dress while you're sat at the kitchen table having that first cuppa of the morning?
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