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It's that day of the year

I got all excited this morning to read in Speedcafe that the V8s were going back to Mt Panorama at Easter 2015, for a reverse-direction race. "I'm going to THAT!" I thought, getting ready to book tickets, then realised the date. :-( . Bit of a let-down, that.

Other good bits - an ad from www.oo.com.au for headphones for your cat, while Optus was advertising Give Your Dog A Phone, complete with bark-to-text software. Dick Johnson announced he was coming out of retirement (to race at the Easter Bathurst event, no doubt) and in an inspired bit of lunacy the HRT were announcing that their transporter missed the ferry from Tasmania to Melbourne, so they drove it across Bass Strait. After the Red Bull team had thoughtfully taped up all the holes in the transporter, to keep the water out.

The parents of over 1000 students at Sydney's Castle Hill High School got a text message this morning, advising that the school was shut after fire damaged it overnight. Officials are still trying to discover who hacked their database, and how, in order to send that message out.

Gotta love this day.
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