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Confusion Reigns

My car went in for some work today - front and rear brake pads, rear brake rotors, and a new exhaust system. Plus a courtesy car for the day. Cost all up - $459, which I thought was pretty reasonable, considering the last time I had the front brakes done it cost over $300. The Ford dealership here really is reasonable in its pricing.
The loan car was - interesting. It was a Ford Focus with only 4300km on the clock. I was really aware of the engine size; cruising at 100kph when my car would be moseying along at around 1800rpm, this thing was doing 2700rpm. Those mice were really running. I was supposed to replace the fuel I used so I pulled into my normal service station, but after searching everywhere, I couldn't find the button for the fuel flap, so I drove out again. It wasn't until I got back to Q Ford that I discovered you need to actually use the key in the flap to open it. The service dept manager then told me that you need the key to open the bonnet on that car, too. Odd!
Still, not as odd as the instrument configuration. The windscreen wipers control and the indicators are exactly reverse to my car - which meant no-one knew where I was going, but at least the windscreen was clean!

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