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Did anyone else see the eclipse of the full moon tonight? It was amazing. Walking home from the bus stop I couldn't keep my eyes off it. The leading edge of the moon was just starting to peep out from behind the sun shadow, just a silvery edge to a burnt-umber disc, hanging at an angle of about 60 degrees above the horizon and directly in front of me as I headed home. It felt very special and magical, and wasn't hard to imagine how in more primitive times an event like an eclipse would be seen as a strong portent.

I tried taking some photos when it was half over but it was hard to keep the camera still for long enough so all I captured were some silvery blobs. Still, I liked them well enough by themselves; the camera movement created some interesting patterns.

 photo Moon5160x120_zpsf430ddce.jpg

 photo Moon4160x120_zpsde3373bc.jpg

 photo Moon1160x120_zps04c95da4.jpg

 photo Moon2160x120_zps86bd52b2.jpg

 photo Moon3160x120_zpsa94dff9a.jpg

 photo Moon6160x120_zpsbc6202da.jpg

Then as I was outside anyway I tried taking one of the back of my house, all lit up, but again the shakes took over:
 photo CIMG1368320x240_zps7352132b.jpg
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