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Needed to go back to work to recover from the weekend.

There were a dozen things on my to-do list for Easter but I managed to complete only one of them - sorting out my wardrobe. Plans changed, new plans made, and generally it was a busy time. And the weather was perfect, just right for a long weekend in the middle of autumn. Blue skies, temperatures in the high 20s, although the nights are cooling off now with some mid-teens temps recorded.

Friday was going to be the day I planted bulbs, but I decided they need to spend a little longer in the fridge, at least until the ground cools down a bit; instead I helped my sister paint her loungeroom, then had a friend over for dinner. Saturday and Sunday I was going camping, but after waking up with a cold I thought better of it and instead went looking at Jeeps with my sister, then replaced all of my kitchen cupboard door handles. On Sunday I went for a drive out to the camping ground, just for the day, then finished up at my son's for dinner.

Yesterday I tried on nearly every piece of clothing I owned, and consigned a few things to the second hand shop. Then went through my linen closet and pulled out blankets that I haven't needed in ten years, adding them to the Lifeline pile. After that I washed my poor neglected car so that it's nice and shiny again.

So nothing fantastic was achieved but I filled the weekend, even if I didn't make it through the planned list. Next weekend is a long one again, what with Anzac Day on Friday, and it's shaping up to be a busy one as well.
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