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How did I miss that?

I've been patiently counting down the days for ages, but when it came to the occasion I promptly forgot! Better late than never - yesterday was the tenth anniversary of my move to Brisbane. How can it have been that long ago? I still clearly remember the drive up, in convoy with a friend who had some of my cats in her car, and the panic when my solicitor rang to say that the funds for settlement weren't in my bank account - and then I lost phone service for the next hour or so, until reaching Beaudesert, and it was approaching five pm on a Friday evening, just before the Anzac Day long weekend, and if the settlement didn't go through where on earth was I supposed to sleep with 13 bloody cats (was still breeding at the time; that number included a litter destined shortly for their new homes) as no motel would take me with that many animals, and what about the removalist van waiting at the house? As it turned out, the funds WERE there, solicitor had checked account prior to the sale of my old house going through, and the vendor of my new home had handed the keys over to my son anyway and he'd let the removalist in, so I didn't have to try and find accommodation over a long weekend.
As if moving interstate wasn't stressful enough, going through the whole experience of a possibly-delayed settlement had me feeling sick, not knowing what was going to happen, and being out of phone range certainly didn't help.

Looking back, I'm still amazed at the whole adventure. I sold my house, bought a new one, took long service leave from my job and trusted in fate that I'd be able to get a transfer. As it turned out, I had a new position within a few weeks of moving but it could have ended very differently. I don't know that I could take such a gamble now, even though the universe has always been very kind to me.
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