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A perfect day

It really was brilliant! Into the city this morning for two marvellous events.

First-up a visit to the Gallery of Modern Art to see the exhibition Falling Back to Earth by Cai Guo-Quiang. It was amazing! It consisted of two main parts; Head On, which was inspired by the Berlin Wall and by Man's capacity to keep on repeating the same mistakes, and Heritage which contemplated the earth as sanctuary for all species.

Ninety nine wolves, throwing themselves into the air, only to crash against a perspex barrier; tumbling to the ground, snarling, they quickly right themselves and pad back to the end of the queue so that they can repeat the experiment. I quite literally held my breath when I walked into the room; just the most amazing thing to see.

 photo wolves1600x450_zps1d4e7ba1.jpg

 photo wolves7600x450_zps9c58f38d.jpg

 photo wolves5600x450_zps8f35547a.jpg

They were so lifelike and I had to battle the urge to touch.

If Head On was dynamic and confronting, then Heritage was static and calming in comparison. Ninety nine animals gathered around a waterhole to drink; predators and prey mingled together, with only an occasional bubble rising from the surface of the water to disturb the perfect stillness.

 photo heritage16600x450_zpsf85a29e2.jpg

 photo heritage3600x450_zpsb60da590.jpg

 photo heritage7600x450_zpsddf899da.jpg

There was even a man whose job it was to smooth people's footprints out of the sand; you can see him in that last photo with his little red mop.

We were lucky to see this - the exhibition is sponsored by Santos and there have been huge protests about their involvement in the Arts, to the point that one protest group had threatened to sneak in at night and dye the waterhole water. Rather than close the exhibition, GOMA just employed more guards.

So that was the morning taken care of. After lunch we walked across the road to the Lyric Theatre at QPAC, to see a stage production of The King and I, starring Lisa McCune as Anna (who knew she could sing?! And sing so well?) and Teddy Tahu Rhodes as the King of Siam. It was brilliant! I'd seen the movie, of course, and was wondering how it would translate to the stage. We were seated in the second row of the highest balcony, so we were looking down on the stage, giving a marvellous view of everything that happened.The sets were gorgeous, very lavish and strongly reminiscent of Thailand; the costumes were marvellous. I loved Anna's dresses, and the jewel colours of the children's clothing, and the sumptuousness of the king's outfits as well as the women's costumes. In the play sequence the costumery was nothing short of stunning.

And every time the king's advisor would come on stage I'd momentarily think "Martin Shaw!" but of course it wasn't. I had to wait until I got home to find out who it WAS, though - Marty Rhone! I don't think I've seen him in anything since the 70s.

So, all up, a brilliant day. And the weekend's only half-over. Hope everyone else is having a good one so far.
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