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Part time cat and other wildlife

There's been a black cat hanging around my house for a while now. Up until recently I'd only caught glimpses of him, a darker streak in the nighttime, but two weeks ago he was at my outdoor setting when I walked outside. I don't know which of us was most startled; we both stopped in our tracks at first, but when he realised I wasn't moving he let out a cautious "mew?". I said hello back to him and that seemed to break the stalemate; his tail went up and suddenly he was weaving around my legs and head-butting my shins. He let me pat him, and I could feel his backbone so what else was I to do but put a bit of meat down for him. He hoovered it up, not stopping to chew at all, so then I rescued all the uneaten cat bikkies from that day - normally I'd throw them onto the lawn for the birds, but now they're his.

I don't know where he goes through the day, I only ever see him at night. At first he wouldn't appear until I came downstairs to prepare my cats' dinners, but now he meets me at the side gate when I get home from work. He must have an owner, surely, but he's doing a good job of acting like starving-cat in the meantime.

And I have possums! Well, not in the sense of owning them, but in the sense of having them living in the gap between the floors of my house. When the rear deck was built a small section of under-eaves was left open, right above my electricity meter box, and now the wall between the box and the gap in eaves has tiny little footprints all over. When it's first getting dark I can hear scratching sounds from underneath the floorboards, which had me really puzzled until I found the footprints. I'll have to wait until they've left to go foraging one night and then block the gap with chicken wire or something until I can get a builder to come and repair it properly.
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