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A Tree Tale

Yesterday was to be my "put up the Christmas tree" day. Firstly, it took me over an hour to find the ornaments for my table-top tree - having moved house since last Christmas, I don't yet have a 'traditional' place to put these things. Then, when I opened the box for the big tree I found that the base was missing. I clearly remember throwing out a tree base when I moved, thinking it was from my old tree. Apparently not!
Today I went out and bought the cheapest tree I could find ($14.95) just so I could use the base. Getting home, I discovered the new tree had only three prongs on the base, where my old tree needed four. With only three prongs the whole thing just kept falling over. I was able to swap the whole base over, though, enabling the tree to stand upright. Only then did I discover that in my throwing-out enthusiasm last April, I'd also managed to dispose of the top section of my tree. So I've ended up erecting the new tree in its entirety. It's taller than the old, but not quite as well-furnished. But after adding decorations and lights, it looks okay.
Now I just wonder how long it will last before an adventurous Norwegian Forest Cat knocks it over in his attempts to climb it. Hey, it's the closest he'll ever get to a forest! I know Princess Fatty Kitten will leave it alone - if she wants it climbed, she'll just blow in the Wegie's ear and get him to do it for her....

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