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Fifty years on.

(cross-posted to the mfu_canteen, where yesterday was Why I Still Love The Man From UNCLE Day)

I fell in love with Illya Kuryakin on the back seat of my father's station wagon in the late sixties.

My family and I were on our twice-yearly trip to visit my father's family, a trip of about 540 miles' length. Usually we drove through the night, and my sister and I would sleep on a mattress laid out in the back, but on this occasion we'd left in the early hours of the morning and most of the drive was to be in daylight. At our first stop for petrol, mum let us choose a book each from the revolving paperback stand in the petrol station, so we'd have something to read on the trip. If memory serves I was all of eight years old but I wanted "The Doomsday Affair" and fell promptly in love. I acted out Illya, lying helplessly drugged on the floor of that VW, and roped my sister into being Napoleon and coming to the eventual rescue. That was the best road trip ever! After that I was hooked.
Hard to believe it's been 50 years since the birth of the show.
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