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Three times lucky.

Things happen in threes, don't they?

First there was the linen quilt I fell in love with but wouldn't buy because it was horrendously expensive, and I couldn't justify the outlay. Then it came on sale at the end of June, but I still wouldn't pay the price (although I got as close as putting it in my basket, going to checkout and getting as far as Paypal before back-buttoning out). And then I walked into David Jones and found it even cheaper, at a price that represented 37% of its original value. When I asked why it was marked so low, when the smaller (queen size) ones were more expensive, I was told that it was actually incorrectly marked, and should be $120 more than it was - but she'd honour the marked price for me. Score!

Next there were the ant-proof cat feeder trays. Okay, this wasn't all that much money but still was able to buy two of them for less than the normal price of one.

Finally the entertainment unit I'd had my eye on for ages was on sale, marked down $200 on the store's website. When I arrived in person to purchase it, the price tag on it was even lower again. It rang up at the higher price but the store manager sold it to me for the labelled price, saving an extra $50.

All in all feeling very lucky and grateful towards the universe right now.
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