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Climbing my family tree

I've been enjoying reading back through my family history lately, reading about people whom in most cases I've never met, reading about the babies who didn't live long enough to really become my uncles and aunties - the 12 day old baby who died of "exhaustion"; the four month old who succumbed to pneumonia. There's even the coroner's inquiry into the death of one great-uncle who, after being involved as a passenger in a motor car accident, instead of going to hospital in the attending ambulance, hailed himself a taxi and continued on his journey to the races. He then took himself off to hospital the following day where he subsequently died from the injuries he sustained to his lungs in the accident.

But then there was this entry, in the list of my father's siblings:

Betty Jean .... born 27 June 1930 Carlton, Melbourne. Betty Jean was born with cerebral palsy due to her mother suffering a haemorrhage caused from having teeth extracted during the pregnancy. As a consequence she was placed in a children's home in Melbourne and is believed to have passed away there circa 1947. (Source: Interview with (older sibling)).

I think that's about the saddest thing.
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