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Step right up to watch me suffer.

I thought I wasn't too shabby in the walking stakes - I walk to the bus stop most days, which is nearly 2km each way, and often at lunchtime will walk up to the shops for a browse, being 1.5km round trip plus browsing, and am often on my feet all day at a cat show, or events like last weekend's festival, or even just a shopping trip. But yesterday I found out just how unfit / out of shape my legs are. We had a fire drill, you see, and I just happen to work on the eleventh floor. Luckily we only had to go downstairs, and could catch the lifts back up again when it was all over. All the same I woke up this morning with aching calf muscles and they're still pulling tonight. I'm actually hoping that today's threatened rain will arrive tomorrow giving me an excuse to drive to the bus stop instead.

It reminded me of the time I went to the Tower Bridge, and wanted to cross between the two towers. Climbed interminable stairs, had to take a few breaks, and my legs were like jelly by the time I'd reached the top. Sat until my legs were steady enough to carry me, then made my way across the walkway between the towers - and only then discovered the lifts *g*. Got my exercise that day!
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