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Ten Ideas

There's an exercise that my son does daily, and he's enthusiastic enough about it that I was convinced to give it a go. Basically, every day you have to come up with ten ideas - ideas about possible jobs, or about services that no-one provides, or products that have yet to be invented that could be useful... basically anything that would fill a need / provide a useful service. Not all of them have to be practical; the point of the exercise is to get you really thinking about the world around you, and looking for possibilities. And one day, if you're very lucky, you just might stumble upon the one idea that grabs you, makes you investigate it further, until it becomes your passion or your business, or both.

He swears by it, says it gets him thinking, so I decided to try. Some days I struggle to come up with one or two; other days, like today, I come up with eleven and have to stop thinking! It's a marvellous exercise in engaging your brain, though. And who knows, I may just stumble upon my true calling.
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