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Sudden Ridiculous Unaccountable Burst of Energy (or SRUBE for short, if you prefer)

Not sure what was going on, but I had so much energy when I got up this morning - woke up fully with the alarm, jumped out of bed, practically power-walked to the bus stop, focused on my work all day then power-walked back home from the stop, all the while feeling really good. Got home, had a shower, washed my hair, dried my hair, straightened my hair *g*, went downstairs to feed the cats - and hit a wall. By the time I'd finished the litter trays I was seriously drooping. What was that all about? Be interesting to see how I get on tomorrow.

Good news is that I got an email saying my Sherlock and John action figures were on their way at last. Woo-hoo! I pre-ordered those suckers last October so it's about time they turned up.
Tags: sharks and weirdness, sherlock

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