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There Are No Stupid Questions. Only Stupid People.

You really have to wonder how some people make it through their day.
First of all, I rang KS to discuss her about-to-be-approved loan. In the course of the conversation she asked why I have set her loan up in that particular way.
"Um, because last time we spoke, that was what you asked for."
"Well that may be what I told you I wanted," she replied, "but that doesn't mean I'd decided." Oh-kay - I should have known, huh?!
Then her husband rings. "Hi, this is PS - I just spoke to K, and I wanted to know what kind of time frame we're looking at."
"sorry, this is the bank, not the psychic hotline. I haven't a clue what you're asking me here...."
Truly, these two deserve each other.
Finally there is the lady who is mortgaging her home to us, only she still has a mortgage registered to another bank on her certificate of title. The loan has been paid out, and the mortgage discharged, but it was never registered at the Land Titles Office. I checked with her that she had the certificate of title and the discharge of mortgage, then asked her to take it to her local branch and ask them to put the documents in their courier bag, addressed to me. So she did. Only she took them to the local branch of the bank where she had her previous mortgage. Fortunately the customer service officer who took the docs rang me, and offered to walk them down to the local branch of my bank, which was only five doors away. That's Interspecies Co-operation for you.

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