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Wouldn't you know it!

Last night there was another lunar eclipse, the second for the year, and I was so looking forward to seeing it. Rushed through my evening chores then set myself up to watch - but at about the one-third mark the clouds came across so heavily that you couldn't even tell where the moon was supposed to be. Bugger! It's easy to see why in ancient times an eclipse was seen as a portent - when the wind comes up suddenly and all the neighbourhood dogs start to howl, the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.

I need new tyres on my car. This can be a Good Thing, as I also need air in the front tyres, and I HATE putting air in my tyres - always worried that the gauge might be faulty and I might overdo it until they burst - (okay there are weirder phobias, don't judge me!) so new tyres nicely circumvents that problem. Hopefully the new ones will be right for another five years, or at least until I sell it.

I haven't had to install the new battery yet that I bought for my mobile. Ever since the new battery arrived, the old one has been playing nicely and holding a charge again. Typical.
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