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Almost nearly completely 100% done

I undertook a small backyard project, to replace some uneven, sunken bricks with level pavers. Also, since getting my rear deck added on, I lacked a path from the back steps to the downstairs back door, and the grass there has been wearing away so it was decided to extend the paving out from under the steps and give me a level path. This project has spanned three weekends so far; I had expected it to take a couple of hours at the most. But what with removing the old sunken bricks, and digging, and levelling, and the laying of the pavers (thanks to my brother in law and son for the laying, while my sister and DIL helped with the rest) and finally the planting of the landscape plants, and spreading the crushed rock... well worth it though.

 photo pavers450x600_zpsfa5d8453.jpg

I am really pleased with the way it turned out! Still need to sweep more sand into the paver cracks - have already filled them with a sand and cement mix - and then it will be finished.
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