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The opposite of right.

You know how missing punctuation stands out like a sore thumb, right? It seems that the opposite is true, I just don't notice punctuation in its proper place. Before sending a loan to mortgage insurers through our electronic channel we have to remove all punctuation other than full stops, dollar signs and percentage signs, otherwise the submission goes nowhere. One loan today I had to send FOUR TIMES because I kept sending it with punctuation included - slash, semi colons, and finally an apostrophe that I'd skipped over. Something as simple as that was holding it up.

Walking through the park on my way home tonight I noticed a portable stage and a couple of smaller booths set up, and when I got home I found a flyer in my letterbox from one of the major radio stations, saying that they will be broadcasting their breakfast show live from the park tomorrow morning. Only trouble is they have listed the wrong suburb - I hope the announcers know where to go.

Two stops from home this afternoon and I was the only person left on the bus. Driver decided he wanted to have a chat - however I was sitting all the way up the back and couldn't hear a word he said. Had to pick up my bag, and carryall, and anorak, and make my lurching way to the front, just so he could ask me if I wanted to get off at the next stop, or the one after. Grrr....
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