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Sherlock deleted scene

So I'm assuming that everyone who's interested in the show has seen this, but just in case you missed it:

That just made my skin crawl.
According to the props guy, the W who sent the single rose is Irene Adler aka The Woman, and the little graphic is from the pattern of her wallpaper. I'm thinking, though, that if you turn the card upside down it's actually an M, and the graphic is a pawn. Can't grab a clear enough picture, though, to clearly see the design on the graphic.

I had a very productive Sunday afternoon today; emptied out my display cabinets, washed all the china and crystal, and washed the shelves before putting everything back in. That took up most of the afternoon. Now I'm waiting for Dr Who to start, in about ten minutes' time. Apparently BBC posted a huge spoiler on their facebook page today, after the show aired in the UK, and my sister messaged me warning me from going anywhere near facebook today in case I saw it. She's not happy! They did post a warning, about three hours earlier, but of course when you check your facebook feed you work from the most recent, backwards....
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