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Power to the people

We were given an early mark from work tonight, due to a massive storm brewing above the city. This worked out well, as I had to drive my brother in law to hospital after work to pick up my sister, who had gone in for day surgery, and he had to drive her and her car home.

Wasn't so thrilled to get home and find that the roadwork in my street had advanced to the point of digging a trench two feet wide and about five feet deep right across my driveway. In order to get my car out I had to do a bit of cross-country work through my neighbour's front yard - I think I owe him a case of beer for that.

Storm held off all the while I was driving to the hospital, but hit with a vengeance when I was on my way home. Almost home, luckily, as it was really hard to see where I was going in the heavy rain, although the lightning did a good job of lighting my way.

Got home to find I have very little power, sort of a brown-out. PC will start up but won't actually boot, (am using the last little bit of juice in my laptop for this), radio is playing and tv would work but my surround sound system is dead. Lights come on after a fashion; a dull brown light that is less than useful.

My sister, three doors up, has full power, but her neighbour on the far side is in the same boat as me. When I rang the energy company to advise of my problem I got a recorded message saying they are aware of the issue in my street / suburb which is due to problems with high tension wires, so I feel a bit better knowing that it really is an issue and isn't just me.

Still, tomorrow hopefully will tell me whether my surround sound system is okay, whether my PC is really fried or just had insufficient power to boot, and whether my air con, which was making forlorn little chirpoing noises but is now ominously silent, is okay or not.

Keep your fingers crossed for me. Everything is insured, but the hassle! Don't need it.
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