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Gearing up for the G20

G20 is on in Brisbane this weekend and everything is a little bit crazy. There's a huge police presence in the city already, and helicopters overhead at all hours of the day and night; public transport has been disrupted and there are street closures galore. It's all going to get worse, too, as the weekend approaches. The city is off-limits on Friday with no public transport running into or out of the city and a public holiday declared for the CBD.

The city has been dressed up for the occasion - I've been googling, trying to find a photo of the sculptures opposite the Treasury Hotel, as they've been dressed up in what appears to be granny-square crocheted blankets; whatever it is, they look great. And the buildings fronting the river, as well as the Storey Bridge, are all lit up as well.

At work, we've been instructed to wear casual clothes this week, to make ourselves less of a target to any disgruntled person or organisation trying to make a point, who might think it a good idea to hold hostage a financial services worker. Most of the people on the bus this week have also been casually dressed so it's not just my company giving those instructions. We've been told to watch out for people trying to tailgate us into our building and onto the elevators (we all have security passes) and to take care if we're out and about. Also we've been asked to work from home on Thursday - that's a plus! And with Friday being a public holiday it will be a very short week as well.

We've been building up to this for so long, it will be hard to go back to normal next week.
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