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Catch-up post

Has it really been a week? It actually seems a lot longer since I last posted.

Working from home went well, although the server dropped out a couple of times and my PDF writer went south some time after 2pm, so that I had to email forms to a colleague to complete. Bit of a nuisance but I coped. All in all I'd declare it a success and hopefully will get to do it again.

Then Friday, being a day off, I decided to head to an outlet shopping centre. It seemed like everyone in Brisbane had the same idea of getting out of town for the day, and the highway heading south was at a crawl. Still, I got there eventually and made a full day of it. Did a bit of Christmas shopping and a bit of self-indulgence, all good.

Friday night was restaurant time and what a comedy of errors that turned out to be. Firstly the turkish bread with dips came out minus one of the dips, which we were assured would be out soon but didn't arrive. And neither did the garlic bread until we chased it up, long after the dips were finished. Main meals were mucked up - two of us were served first, then after eight minutes (I am NOT exaggerating!) the next two meals came out. Then the fifth, except the Moroccan lamb was served with chips when the menu had said couscous and harassi sauce. So back it went, to be replaced by the correct meal. Then the final meal was delivered as a t-bone when it was supposed to be marinated lamb cutlets. Waitress got really shirty because apparently that was the meal which had been sent back due to wrong accompaniments but she had definitely announced it was the Moroccan lamb, not the marinated lamb. So, out came the lamb again, still with chips instead of spinach and mash as per menu....

Fortunately they didn't stuff up dessert, mainly because they didn't have any. According to the menu there were six choices, and we all chose baklava, only to be told that she thought they only had ice cream. We sent her off to check, thinking surely a Turkish restaurant would have the advertised baklava - but no, in fact they didn't even have ice cream. So off we went home... luckily we all have pretty good senses of humour and had a good laugh about it, but all the same it's not a place I'll be going back to. Which is a pity, because I like Turkish food, and it's reasonably close to home.

Weekend was So. Hot. Seriously. Saturday was bad enough, hovering above 30 - still okay for getting out and doing things - but Sunday peaked at forty degrees and that is HOT even for me. By 9am it was already unpleasantly warm outside meaning that I spent most of the day inside. Had a cat council meeting at my place and had to crank the aircon right up to keep the place halfway bearable. Even at 9pm the air was still warm and clingy. If that's a foretaste of summer, we're in for a bad one this year. No wonder Putin left the G20 meeting early; he probably couldn't take the heat. :-)
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