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Seriously if I ever start talking about getting an iPhone, someone needs to come over to mine and smack some sense into me. I wanted to put a couple of podcasts onto my barely-used iPod, so that I could listen to them on the bus. I hadn't been into iTunes for a while but it was simple to get the podcasts into my library, but could I then get them from the library onto my iPod? iTunes wouldn't even recognise that my device was connected - told me I needed to download a newer version of the site but after the third time that the site thanked me for downloading but didn't actually DO it, I thought sod this for a game of soldiers, grabbed my Android phone, opened Kies Air and dragged and dropped the files straight onto my phone. Took two minutes all up, if that.

Last race of the V8 Supercar series today, cut short due to a huge storm in Sydney that brought the safety car out; after a couple of laps under safety car conditions the race was eventually declared. It was so bad that the leading driver was actually asking Race Control to get the safety car to slow down, because even at 50kph on racing tyres the cars were aquaplaning down the main straight. Really scary stuff. And sadly it was the last race to be televised on Channel 7 - next years' events will be televised partly on free-to-air Channel 10 and partly on Fox Sports. Which is such a pity, because I won't pay $50 per month for pay TV just so I can watch the V8s (even though, when I think about it, that's cheaper than a ticket into the venue). I will miss the Channel 7 commentary team, though.

And this is weird. I don't know what happened today, but every single one of my logged-in sites has logged me out. I didn't clear cookies or clear my cache or anything so I've no idea why this has happened. iTunes, Facebook, Twitter, LJ, Dreamwidth, AO3... even the online shopping sites where I stay logged in don't recognise me. My little password book has never had this much use on the one day before.
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