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Stormy skies

This is what the sky looked like, while I was walking home from the bus stop this evening:

 photo stormsky600x450_zps237dc927.jpg

Photo doesn't show it too well but the clouds were a really peculiar shade of blue, like a light denim colour. Made it home in the dry, fortunately, though the rain started soon after and there have been storm warnings all evening, moving steadily northwards. In their wake they've left a lovely cool change. I'll sleep well tonight, without needing the ceiling fan.

I love being in the city at this time of year. All of the street decorations are up, the tree has been erected in King George Square, and there are all sorts of Christmassy things happening. Even the buskers are getting into the spirit of the season. I'm even considering going carolling on Christmas Eve - god save all our eardrums from that! *g*
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