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Yes this is what we get up to at work.

Every year at work there's a Christmas decoration contest, and each floor competes against the others to win... well, nothing really, other than the congratulations of the business CEO. This year my floor went with the theme of 12 Days of Christmas; a team of very creative people (not including me, I'll admit - no creativity at all) put together a brilliantly offbeat display.

For instance - four calling birds represented by four rubber ducks with mobile phones strapped to their heads. The two turtle doves were one staff member's two little boys in ninja turtles suits ie ninja turtle doves. We had men in tights being the lords a'leaping, and one lady in a cow suit straddling the lap of our office co-ordinator who was dressed as a milkmaid. Swans a'swimming was represented by a colleague dressed in the uniform of football team Sydney Swans, sitting in a kid's inflatable wading pool. Three French hens were three ladies in blue and white striped tees, each sporting a red beret and jaunty scarf, and draped with a sash reading "hen party".

And our partridge? Our floor comedian, dressed in a Big Bird suit, in the corner office which had been filled with potted plants.

We won.

Also - tickets to A Night With Noel Fielding.. I have them, oh yes I do. *g* Not till April and he's here for one night only so it was a case of get in and grab straight away.
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